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Registration and 正规的棋牌平台排行榜 形式

If you already know what forms you need for registration or other enrollment-related issues, this page is for you. These forms are directly or indirectly related to registering for school and the admissions process. 

General district forms from all departments can be found on our forms webpage.

Address Change Form

访问我们的 Address Change webpage for more information on move and school assignment rules, as well as how to submit the form.

Authority and Responsibility for a Minor Student

Authority and Responsibility for a Minor Student

Student Ethnicity and Race

Change of Ethnicity

Free and Reduced Price Breakfast and Lunch (School Meals)

Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals

Request for Approval Test General Education Development (格)


健康 Service Webpage (general health forms)

健康: Immunization Status

Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)

Home-Based Instruction (Declaration of Intent)

Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction 2023-24

In an effort to create a more accessible form and reduce paper waste, SPS is now using a digital form for homeschooling families to file their yearly declaration

Host-Family Form

Parent/Legal Guardian Living with Host Family


Student 住房 Questionnaire 形式 and Information

Immunization Status

Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)


Affidavit for 名称的改变

Part-Time Attendance

Part-Time Attendance 形式 for Private School or Homeschooled Students

正规的棋牌平台排行榜是 currently accepting 2023-24 Part-Time Attendance requests. For 2024-25 Part-Time Attendance requests, please submit starting August 2024.


Student 记录 and 成绩单 Order

Special Education Addendum

Transfer to Another District

Transfer Appeal (Seattle Public 学校 school assignment)

  • Principal Review Form – Principal signature does not guarantee that an appeal will be granted and the completion of the form is at the principal’s discretion.

Transfer Appeal Form for 2024-2025 school year assignments will be available on June 1st. The review process will begin in July.

Transfer Appeal Form for 2023-24 school year assignments is now closed.

The appeals process is for those seeking to transfer their student to another school working with the school to make sure that all issues occurring cannot be resolved. Transfer Appeals are taken to a review panel to examine whether the student’s situation meets the criteria for a change in assignment.

Upon initially receiving the appeal, we will contact staff/school administration to inquire about what attempts were made to help the student in their current situation. Appeals are reviewed by a panel who will determine whether the presented evidence meets the criteria for a change in assignment. There are weekly meetings in which each appeal is reviewed in the order it is received.

Making a Complete Appeal

A complete appeal must include a parent written statement describing the efforts made to correct the issues currently happening at the school. It is helpful to explain why attending a new school would be the best option for the student.

It is required you meet with the principal of the school your student is currently attending as it is important for the appeals panel to see whether the school staff/administration is supportive of the transfer. A complete appeal will include a Principal Review form, which is to be completed at the discretion of the school principal.

If you do not wish to meet with the principal of the school your student is attending and your reasons involve a school-based matter, you may meet with another school staff member or administrative supervisor although it may affect the processing time of the appeal as we will have to contact the school to inquire whether or not the allegations or issues have been addressed.

When can I expect to hear back?

Transfer appeals may take up to a week minimum to process. Upon initially receiving the appeal, we log receipt and immediately contact school staff/administration to see what plans have been put in place thus forth to help the student’s current situation with regard to the appeal.

Appeals that contain allegations concerning bullying, 歧视, and safety or civil rights concerns may take two or more weeks to process. We thoroughly investigate each claim made which may delay the final result. Serious allegations may be investigated by various departments including, but not limited to, Office of Civil Rights, Special Education, 安全 & 安全等.

We encourage you to keep your child in their current assigned school while appeals are being reviewed. If a student is dropped due to non-attendance the appeal may be considered void because our policy states that students who do not have an assignment can not be considered for transfers.


If your appeal has been approved to another school, it will take a week to properly facilitate transferring the student to their new assignment. In the best interest of the student, we must ensure that the student’s new school has the necessary information and means to provide whatever services the student may need.

Unless there is an extremely compelling emergency situation, we do not make immediate (next day) reassignments for students seeking to transfer. If the transfer appeal is approved, our protocol is to allow the schools involved a week to exchange relevant student information.



Current students who wish to withdraw from Seattle Public 学校 this school year 需要 contact the school. You can find contact information on the School Directory webpage.

Current students who will not be attending Seattle Public 学校 during the 2024-25 school year 需要 fill out: